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Mr Emergency service, repair and install all makes and models of solar hot water systems. We operate 24/7, so you can have your hot water seen to at any time that is convenient for you at the same rates charged for ordinary hours.

Solar Hot Water Services

When you need comprehensive solar hot water services, Mr Emergency is here to help.

Why Solar?

Solar hot water heaters are becoming increasingly popular in Australian households. Have you noticed lately that in almost every street there is at least one house with solar panels on the roof? This is because solar power is extremely cost efficient and eco-friendly. Although solar hot water heaters are usually the most expensive to install they save you around 60-80% of your energy bills per annum in the long run, not to mention the substantial reduction of carbon gas emissions.

Solar water heaters consist of solar panels and a water storage tank; the solar panels are installed on your roof and collect energy from the sun’s rays – this energy is transferred to the tank, heating the water inside.

Solar water heaters are available in two main types:

  • Split System – These systems are split, meaning that the solar panels are located on the roof but the tank is located on ground level. Hot water is then pumped from the panels to the tank.
  • Thermosiphon/Close Coupled – This system is installed with both the panels and the storage tank being mounted together on the roof and does not require the use of a mechanical pump to transfer the heated water to the tank. For frost prone areas a heat exchange fluid, such as anti-freeze, is used to prevent any damage to the panels from freezing.

Solar Boosters

If there is no sun to heat the water, a backup gas or electric solar powered booster can be installed. This booster is connected to the storage tank and maintains the water’s heat – ensuring you will always have hot water available. You can turn the solar hot water booster on at any time of the day as and when required.  Installing a booster will ensure that you will get the most out of your solar powered system at all times –  even on those cloudy or rainy days.


At Mr Emergency we are familiar with a wide range of solar hot water brands. Australia is blessed with a strong selection of quality brands, all competing to work out how best to capture the energy of our harsh sun. Some of the brands we work with are:

  • Rheem
  • Dux
  • Rinnai
  • AquaMAX
  • Vulcan

Installation, Service and Repair

No matter if you would like a new solar hot water system installed, or if you require a repair, service or replacement of an existing unit, look no further than the solar hot water specialists from Mr Emergency Plumbing. We are available for all of your plumbing and gas-fitting needs, any time of the day or night, 365 days of the year – including all public holidays. We guarantee customer satisfaction and a quality job that you can trust – ensuring all required codes and conducts are followed in the strictest sense.

If you would like to have a solar powered system installed or would like an upgrade to include an electric or gas booster – call the professionals from Mr Emergency today.

Interest Free Plans

Here at Mr Emergency, we understand that hot water has to be fixed and that you don’t always have the funds available to pay for the work immediately.  That’s why we offer our customers a range of $0 deposit, interest free payment plans**.  You get to choose between weekly and fortnightly repayment options. The application process is easy, with most of our customers getting accepted straight away. Our plumbers can set you up when at your place and once you’re approved they can start work immediately. You can also pay with cash or cheque. Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit card payments can be made using the facilities in our vans.

Getting a qualified plumber to your place fast just takes a call to the team at Mr Emergency. Contact us today for all your solar hot water system needs.




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