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Drain cameras save time when unblocking drains because it allows the plumber to see exactly where the blockage is and what is causing it.

Camera Inspection Services

At Mr Emergency, our plumbers come to every job equipped with the latest in drain camera inspection equipment to efficiently get to the root of your blocked drain issue.

Why Would I Need a CCTV Drain Camera?

Our Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) pipe inspection cameras are essential if you find yourself with a blocked sewer or stormwater drain. It may be that there is more than one blockage, the blockage may be further along than originally thought or the pipes may be damaged or collapsed. By using the latest CCTV drain camera, your plumber can find exactly what’s creating the blockage. This removes the guesswork from our job so that you get better, longer-lasting results.

Mr Emergency is able to have a fully qualified, experienced plumber to your door 24/7. We also promise to attend to your emergency within an hour* of you placing a call or booking online.

Why Are My Drains Blocked?

We find a stubborn blockage to usually be caused by any of four things. These are:

  • Pipes broken or cracked – compacted earth can sometimes cause severe damage to your drains
  • Pipes collapsed – age or incorrect installation can often lead to drains collapsing
  • Pipes invaded by tree roots – the most common cause of a blocked drain, tree roots will take advantage of any existing crack or opening
  • Pipes sagged– earth eroding away underneath the pipe makes it sag

Do I Need An Inspection?

Blocked drains issues can lead to further problems, such as flooding in your outdoor areas and underneath your house. Additionally, they’re all extremely difficult and costly to locate without the aid of a CCTV drain camera inspection. The next easiest way is for your plumber to excavate the entire the length of the affected drain and check every centimetre manually. This costs lots of money, lots of time and is a lot of trouble. Especially when all of our blocked drain professionals have easy access to a CCTV drain camera.

It doesn’t take long for an invading tree root or a sagging pipe to become a serious problem. Upon first signs of a blocked drain such as:

  • Strong odours emitting from your drains
  • Overflowing drains
  • Gurgling noises
  • Slow to no drainage in your sinks, showers, or tubs
  • Your toilet water level is too high to too low (or your toilet overflows)
  • Pooling water on your property
  • Cracked or shifted pavers or bricks

Call Mr Emergency, and we’ll be at your door within the hour* to solve your blocked drain issue in no time.

Interest Free Camera Inspections

Here at Mr Emergency, we understand that blocked drains have to be fixed and that you don’t always have the funds available to pay for the work immediately.  That’s why we offer our customers a range of $0 deposit, interest free payment plans**.  You get to choose between weekly and fortnightly repayment options. The application process is easy, with most of our customers getting accepted straight away. Our plumbers can set you up when at your place and once you’re approved they can start work immediately. You can also pay with cash or cheque. Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit card payments can be made using the facilities in our vans.

Getting a qualified plumber to your place fast just takes a call to the team at Mr Emergency. Contact us today for drain camera services.




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